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June 12, 2008 / calebdresser

Buttering my paws

Take a cat to a new place and it will fluff its furr, hiss, and hide under the nearest piece of furniture. However, my mother once told me if you spread butter on its paws, it will spend so much time licking them clean that by the time it is finished, it will have become used to the new surroundings. (she never explained how you get the cat to hold still…)

The last few days have been very busy, but I’ll have to hold off on descriptions, as internet here is finicky at best due to problems with the cables… plus I’m on the lab’s only working internet-enabled computer, so I need to be quick. In short, I’m settling in here quite well – Dr. Mahesh Gathala is very hospitable, and has found me a place to stay. Starting last night, I am staying with an Indian family a few kilometers down the road from Bhai Patel University, which is where IRRI’s site office is located. They speak some English, which is a great help as I have only learned a handfull of words in Hindi so far. I’ve also inventoried the lab and am in the process of finalizing my experimental setup.

If all goes according to plan, I leave for Amritsar in Punjab near the border with Pakistan on the 14th. We will be examining a farm there that has been using newer cropping techniques, some of which are similar to those in the field trials here. Unless I get internet hooked up to my laptop (a complex beaurocratic procedure!), it’ll be a while before I check in again.

I hope everyone is well and happy – friends, family, and even you random people who got sent here by malfunctioning search engines. Also, I missed saying goodbye to some of you in the Philippines… I trust your flights went well.

My address here (I think… mail here is not 100% reliable) is as follows:

Caleb Dresser, IRRI Affiliate Scholar
IRRI Site Office, Bhai Patel College of Biotechnology
SVBUA&T, Modipuram, Meerut 250110

Now to wash the final traces of ghee from my hands…


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  1. Margaret McCandless / Jun 12 2008 12:50 pm

    Your heading said it all, for me! How wonderful, that you have sat still and grown at ease in your surroundings. Please tell your hosts we are very grateful.
    Political discourse here continues to be on very short-term issues, with scant concern for the centuries ahead, alas. If you hold a kitten comfortably, put butter on your finger-tip, and let it lick YOUR paw, first, you distract it while buttering its own paw. All the world works better with friendliness as the baseline, no one needing to hide.

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