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August 8, 2008 / calebdresser

So this is the most unstable computer system I’ve ever used – this page is chowing up partially in proper formatting and partially as a mix of grey boxes and raw html – but for what its worth I’m in Kathmadu, Nepal. It’s surprisingly similar to India, althoughthe air pollution is if anything worse, the climate much morecomforatble, and the design of the temples distinctly different. I arrived two days ago – I’ve spent the intervening time touring farmer’s fields, visiting a hydrological site in the mountains a couple of hours from here, looking at weed management experiments run by the Nepali ag research people, stting in meetings and eating and eating and eatnig in restaurants and the home of a very nice scientist here. I’ve met a fascinating range of people, from female family-heads in rural areas to a very busy USAID representative who nonethelss found time to have dinner with us. Today I hop over the mountains to look at more sites in the south before we cross back into India by land.

I’d have to say one of the more amusing episodes so far has been conducting root galling counts in my hotel room – I collected some interesting rice plants yesterday and got to spend the moringin today evauating galling rates in a rice paddy that had experienced neary a month without rainfall or irrigation. The lants were surprisingly health, but the roots were heavily galled.



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  1. Margaret McCandless / Aug 8 2008 12:27 pm

    Did you spread your samples out across the bed, the bureau? What furniture did your hotel room have? And a roommate?
    To what extent do the root galls indicate problems, if these plants can be surprisingly healthy?
    Was this rice paddy’s month, lacking rain and irrigation, a choice, or was there no backup water FOR irrigating in recent weeks?
    We are having an exceptionally wet summer; the weirding of weather locally, for this year.
    It sure is interesting to read your blog!

  2. Becky / Aug 8 2008 4:32 pm

    1. I wish I had a cool blog like you.

    2. I now have placed gall in my more immediate mental vocab storage cell.

    3. Right now I am in Budapest on family vacation. Today I saw a very well trained horse sit like a dog. It looked so goofy!

    4. When you say hop over the mountains, do you mean hike? Fly? Bus?

  3. calebdresser / Aug 12 2008 1:51 pm

    mom- you’re going to know more about rot galls than you could posssibly hope for… and becky, how is hungary? whats everyone’s take on whats unfolding across the black sea???

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