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August 13, 2008 / calebdresser

Mail Delivery Problems

Its come to my attention that the mail system here is eating letters. Several people have sent letters or postcards, some more than a month ago, and sadly these have not been delivered. A couple of packages from home have made it, but other than that no mail has gotten through. Apparently the postal system here is a bit more unreliable than I thought… corruption can occur at any level and any point through the transfer chain. People are known to steal stamps between the letter drop-boxes and the post office where they are processed. In addition, the university at which I’m working turns out to have no mail room (I withold the comments I wanted to make when I found that out) – mails are delivered to some man who is theoretically supposed to distribute them, but can be rather unreliable according to the staff here. All in all I’m a bit frustrated, as no doubt those of you who have sent things by mail are as well. If people who did send something can email me and let me know what to try to hunt for in the morass of Indian paperwork that laps against the walls on the lower level I’d appreciate it. One more reason to appreciate what we take for granted in America…


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