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August 14, 2008 / calebdresser

Stok Kangri Journal – Day 2

July 25th. Today was relatively easy, as we had only a brief hike up to the Base Camp at at a little over 16,400 feet (5000m). Its also gotten a lot colder – note the woolly hat I’m wearing during the height of summer in a tropical country!

Despite the relatively small distance we covered, it is noticeably more difficult to get enough air up here, so we’ve spent most of the day napping and snacking on tea and biscuits. Its fun hearing the stories of the other climbers – five countries were represented at supper!

Just before lunch we did take a brief walk up to the top of the first pass we have to climb tomorrow morning – the scenery is spectacular, and the Ladahki guides and herders wandering around with long staffs and the occasional donkey add to the atmosphere. Stok Kangri is the 6154 meter peak in the following photo.



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  1. Margaret McC / Aug 15 2008 2:55 am

    Wonderful photos, rich text. I feel privileged to read behind the scenes of your polishing process, when these are drafts that you post. You look great, your friends look great (or look away), the tents are inviting, the peak is amazing, and your donkeys are completely grand. The unburdened one: is that a youngster?
    Best of luck at finding your mail. How entirely frustrating that must be. Winslow and I are sorting papers, including mail; different kind of struggle; thinking of you often, with love.

  2. Amy / Aug 20 2008 7:32 pm

    So who are these other fellows that you’re traveling with and how did you find them?

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