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November 12, 2008 / calebdresser

August too’th

I returned to Meerut, Modi, Mittals

on the day of the solar eclipse.

Kushagra stood in the courtyard

holding an old x-ray image of his knee.

By turns he squinted skywards

and then peered at his watch.

The road had been dusty and loud,

filled with oddities

– but –

never had I seen a thing such as this

a man looking through his own kneecap

at something that wasn’t there!



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  1. Marci / Dec 10 2008 6:34 pm

    Hey Caleb,

    When I went to Nepal, the political situation seemed to have calmed down. I didn’t notice any guards at the airport and our bus never got stopped on the 6-hour journey from Pokhara to KTM. Sadly I can’t say the same thing about politics and peace in Bangladesh and India.

    Were you satisfied with what you learned about rice farming and life in general while you were in India? Do you plan on going back ?


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